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The new CAVSP seal indicates that an AV company has achieved a certain level of certification amongst its staff members. Certification for individuals is known as the Certified Technology Specialist (CTS) program, and consists of general certification as well as specialized certification in design, installation, rentals or sales.

Companies eligible for CAVSP status include businesses that design, provide consultation on, manufacture, sell, integrate, or rent AV equipment, systems and services.

General CAVSP certification recognizes that 25 percent of all technical, sales, and customer service staff have and maintain general or specialized ICIA certification.

Silver certification recognizes that 50 percent of staff have and maintain ICIA certifications (or 25 percent general and 10 percent specialized certifications).

Gold certification recognizes that 75 percent of staff have and maintain ICIA certifications (or 50 percent general and 15 percent specialized certifications).

The CAVSP certification is awarded for a period of three years. The participating organization is required to reapply at the end of three years. Certification is awarded on a location-by-location basis and does not extend to an entire organization unless all locations qualify based on the published criteria.

To achieve CAVSP status, the company must also participate in the ICIA AVolution program by agreeing to 10 Standards of Excellence. Once a company has joined AVolution, it can apply for the appropriate level of certification.

The ICIA web site provides further information about the CAVSP program.

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