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Summary of Capabilities


We are a full-service, audio-visual design firm with a broad range of capabilities to ensure the smooth marriage of your ideas and concepts with the latest media, presentation, and control technologies. We are completely independent of any manufacturer, vendor, or contractor.



 System Design


Our principal’s 30+ years of industry experience enables us to solve your problems in any of the following areas:


·         video systems;

·         projection systems;

·         audio reinforcement systems;

·         interactive systems;

·         show and exhibit control;

·         videoconferencing and teleconferencing systems;

·         simultaneous translation and delegate systems;

·         RF broadband distribution systems;

·         infrastructure requirements: electrical power, conduit, cabling, and heat loading;

·         integration of disabled persons support (ADA) for audio, video, and visual systems.


Past projects have included: conference and meeting facilities, sports venues, educational and training facilities, interactive and interpretive exhibits, museums and science centres, themed venues, and planetariums.


During the conceptual design phase of your project, we will help you to identify technologies that complement your goals. We will also advise you on the budget impact of various competing technologies, and will prepare an initial budget for the A/V aspects of your project.


During design development, we will work closely with the rest of your design team to finalise the technical design as your project concepts gel. We will co-ordinate with the other members of your design team to ensure proper integration of the audio-visual systems with the architectural, interior, electrical, and mechanical aspects of your project. Our deliverables for this phase will be a set of technical design drawings and a final budget.



Technical Specification Writing/Contract Documents


We are skilled at translating your ideas and needs into solid technical documentation. Specifications are an important communications and budgeting tool during the concept and design phases of a project. They then form part of the bid documents, ensuring accurate and competitive bids – eventually becoming part of the contract between the owner and the contractor. These specs become the “road map” for the A/V contractor during installation – ensuring that both the integrity of the design and an acceptable level of workmanship are maintained. Disputes are always easier (and cheaper) to settle when a clear specification has been provided.


During the contract documents phase of your project, we can deliver precise technical specifications for your audio-visual, presentation, and control systems in CSI/CSC format for inclusion in a tender package. We can assist you with pre-qualifying bidders and bid evaluation. We can help you write front-ends for the bidding process, including Instructions to Bidders, Form of Tender, Form of Contract, etc. We can advise on Supplementary Conditions to the contract.


 Contract Administration

Most general contractors and architects are not equipped to review the installation of audio-visual systems – these are simply beyond their normal areas of expertise. When your project involves the installation of a complex (or important) audio-visual or media control system, you need your own on-site technical representative to ensure that the A/V contractor, installer, or integrator is delivering what you were promised.


We will act on your behalf to review the installation, resolve technical issues as they arise, issue site instructions and change orders as required, and perform acceptance testing and system sign-off, along with deficiency reports and tracking.



 Interactive Technology


Our principal has been involved with interactive audience response technology since 1984. He headed the design team for one of the pioneer interactive theatre projects – “The Futures Theatre” at EXPO ‘86. We can draw upon this experience to apply a range of interactive technologies to your projects:


·         theatres of choice – your audience can direct and change the course of your presentation by voting;

·         interactive exhibitry;

·         interactive video and multimedia kiosks and displays.



 Hardware/Software Integration


There are often many potential solutions for your technical problems, and there is a wide choice of hardware and software technology. We can help you sort through the options, and put together a combination that works for your project, is cost-effective, and avoids conflicts between hardware and software. We can also help you avoid exposure to the risks inherent in early adoption of technology.



 Custom Hardware/Software Design


Sometimes the technical requirements of your project cannot be met by an off-the-shelf solution. While we make every effort to find such a solution, we can help you design and produce custom hardware or software, as needs arise.