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Canada Place: Banff Project: Canada Place: Banff
Project Type: Interactive interpretive exhibits.
Dates: February 1999 to August 1999
Summary: Design, specification, tendering, contract administration, and acceptance for a series of interactive exhibits about Canada and Canadian contributions. The AV budget was about $90,000 CDN.
Site Statistics: The first Canada Place opened in Winnipeg on June 18, 1998. Since then, four others have opened: Toronto (February 1999); Regina (June 1999); Moncton (June 2000), and Banff in July 2000. Although each is unique, all present information about government services and programs, and most incorporate displays on Canadian heritage.

At Canada Place Banff, Canadian heritage the theme is "Canada: its land and people." Each component of the exhibit was developed to be highly interactive, to stand alone, and to allow the visitor to explore in a non-linear fashion.
Principal Interactive Exhibits

"Canada Touches The World" - computer interactive exhibit

"Canada Touches the World" – an interactive computer exhibit featuring flat-panel LCD touchscreens surrounding a giant spinning globe. Visitors can touch any country on the spinning globe on the touchscreen and discover the many ways Canada and Canadians have influenced the world.

"Leaving Our Mark" – interactive video footage replaying a collection of "Heritage Minutes", plus a "Made In Canada" computer interactive examining the many notable (and sometimes surprising) Canadian inventions.

"Made In Canada" - interactive exhibit

Interactive painting exhibit featuring plasma display and touch sensitive selector panel

"Connecting Canadians" – three exhibits. An electronic "painting" on an easel (actually a plasma display). Famous Canadian paintings are selected for display by touching the artist's palette next to the easel – this uses proximity sensors, so no moving switches are required. Secondly, there is an interactive computer presentation showing how communications technology connects a small population spread across the second largest land area on Earth. Lastly, a "time-radio" – vintage radio clips are heard from different decades as the tuning dial is turned.

Computer interactive about Canada's world heritage sites"Protecting Our Heritage" – computer interactives about Canada's national parks system, national historic sites, and Canada's world heritage sites.

Additional Exhibits

A video recording studio allows visitors to record a one minute opinion on what Canada means to them.

A Study Area provides a small collection of resource books, access to CD-ROM and Internet resources, and "Canuckleheads" – an interactive computer game to test the visitors' knowledge of Canada.

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