Conceptron Associates Independent Audio-Visual Design Consultants

• Accessibility & ADA

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ACE Design - OKO, WinMonitor screen reader
AiSquared - low vision software (ZoomText)
Apple - Special Needs
Compusult - assistive technologies
Custom Computer Keyboards
Freedom Scientific - braille displays, keyboards, & printers
Freedom Scientific - ConnectOutLoud web & JAWS screen readers
GW Micro, Inc. - Window Eyes screen reader
Hal - screen reader
Hooleon - large button, Braille, & custom keyboards
IBM Accessibility Center
Industrial Keyboards for Kiosks - braille
JAWS for Windows - screen reader (SCRIPT CONTROLLED)
Keyboard Alternatives and Vision Solutions
L&H - Dragon NaturallySpeaking
Microsoft Accessibility
NCAM - MAGpie captioning streamer
NGT - J-Say & Dragon NS
Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI)
Web Accessibility Initiative

• Diagnostics & Burn-In

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American Megatrends - AMDiag Suite software
MICRO 2000 - MicroScope burn-in software
Passmark - BurninTest burn-in & diagnostic software
PC Certify - diagnostic software & hardware
PC-Doctor, Inc. - diagnostic & burn-in software
pcwiz inc - PC Clinic burn-in software
TriniTech, Inc. - diagnostic software

• Industrial - Data Acquistion

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Advantech - industrial computer systems
B&B Electronics - RS-422, RS-232, RS-485
Black Box
Circuit Specialists, Inc - vendor
ComputerBoards - Data Acquisition
Control System Technology - serial data acquisition
CoolerGuys - parts to cool PC's
CyberResearch - Data Acquisition
Data Translation, Inc. - data acquisition
Digi International - device networking & embedded servers
ELMA - industrial computers
End PC Noise - parts to reduce PC generated noise
Fujitsu PC Corporation - portable touchscreen PC
GlobalSpec air compressors, electric motors, bearings, bar code scanners and other engineering products at
Industrial Computer Source (ICS Advent) - industrial computers
Industrologic - SBC's & data acquisition boards
Intelligent Instrumentation Inc. - data acquisition
Making Things - Teleo IO system & interactive modules
Omega - data acquisition
Sealevel Systems - multi-port IO
SIIG Inc. - low-profile PCI IO cards - parts, cases, & cables
TAL Technologies - data acquisition
Telebyte - RS-422, RS-232, RS-485
Visual Automation - Secure Desktop & iLock

• KVM Switches & Extenders - Computer Classroom

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ACS (Applied Computer Systems) - computer classroom
ATEN International
Avocent (Cybex) - KVM sharing+splitting+extension
Belkin - KVM sharing+splitting+extension
Communications Specialties - KVM extenders DA's & switchers - CV & RGBHV
D-Link Systems, Inc.
Gefen - Ex-Tend-It kvm, usb, dvi. extension & switching
Hall Research Technologies
INLINE - V-net
LANTronics - KVM extenders & matrix switchers
Linksys - KVM switches
Magenta Research - KVM extenders & switches
Magenta Research - Video over Cat5, CAT5 VGA and TV Systems, KVM Switches
Minicom - Classnet + CAT 5 KVM
Network Technologies Inc. (NTI) - KVM sharing+splitting+extension
PI Engineering - KVM sharing+splitting+extension
Robotel - SmartClass
Tech Electronics - CBT + classroom
Tech Electronics - computer classroom
Vetra - KVM sharing+splitting+extension
Vocalscape - RapidClassroom IP-based training

• Networking

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Allied Telesyn International
Altecon - LAN-WAN accessories
Anoto - wireless paper
Aurora Multimedia - iBrowz Web Browser appliance
Axis Communications - BlueTooth access terminals
Black Box
C-SPEC Corporation OverLAN®
Capio - thin client appliances
Cisco Systems
Cisco Wireless Solutions
D-Link Systems, Inc.
Digi International - device networking & embedded servers
FreeWave Technologies
Linksys - wireless presentation gateway
Microwave Data Systems
Solectek Corporation
U.S. Robotics
WaveRider - wireless Internet


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Check Point Products
D-Link Systems, Inc.
Digital Networking Systems Virtual Private Network
RedCreek -- providing Virtual Private Network (VPN) security
Solucom VPN - broadband streaming

• Peripherals & Components

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ACT Labs - light guns, steering wheels, pedals, & game pads
Adaptec - various add-ons
Antec - desktop & rackmount computer cases
ASUSTeK Computer - motherboards
Aurora Multimedia - iBrowz Web Browser appliance
Belkin - computer accessories & cables
Black Box
Boca Research - modems & IO cards
Cables To Go - computer cables & adapters
Computer Security Products
Comtrol - RocketPort USB, RS-232, RS-422, & RS-485
CoolerGuys - parts to cool PC's
End PC Noise - parts to reduce PC generated noise
Ergo 2000 - rack-mount keybd, mon, & mouse
Fentek Industries - industrial & programmable keyboards
G-Tel - armoured public TTY terminal
GenesysDTP - CD-R & DVD media & supplies
Griffin Technology - PowerMate USB shuttle control
Happ Controls - vandal-resistant keyboards
IQ Display - i-glasses head-mounted displays
IT Woofa - alarm for notebook computers
LG Electronics Canada
Logitech - iO digital pen & paper
Logitech - mice & keyboards
MacroSystem - Twister USB shuttle wheel
Motherboard HomeWorld - PC components
Riparius Internet Telephone Handset
Sealevel Systems - various IO
Secure-It - computer security products - parts, cases, & cables
TekGear - wearable computer vendor
Telebyte, Inc. - RS-422, RS-232, RS-485 IO
U.S. Robotics
ViA - wearable computers
Xybernaut Corporation - wearable computer

› Graphic Cards

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ATI Technologies
DVIGEAR - DVI converters, switchers, DA's, and cables
Hercules - 3D graphics cards
NVIDIA - portrait orientation (NVRotate)
Portrait Displays - PivotPro software for portrait orientation

›› Multi-Monitor

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ATI Technologies
Datapath - multi-screen video cards
NVIDIA - portrait orientation (NVRotate)

›› Video Capture

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ADS Technologies
ATI Technologies - compnent video input
Digital Voodoo - SDI & HD-SDI cards
Koutech System Inc.
Matrox - graphics cards
Pinnacle Systems - hardware-software bundles

› Printers

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Advanced Printing Systems - OEM thermal printing solutions
ATC - Bar Code & thermal
Bar Code Thermal Printers from the Barcode Store
Boca Systems - ticket printers
EPSON America, Inc.
KODAK Professional Thermal Printers
Magnetec, Inc. - thermal & industrial Laser
Output Technology Corporation - industrial printers
Tally - Industrial printers

› Scanners

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Biometric Access Corp - fingerprint scanners
Canon U.S.A - consumer & pro
DigitalPersona - fingerprint scanners
EPSON America, Inc. - consumer
Heidelberger - pro
Hewlett-Packard - consumer & pro
Konica Minolta - pro
Nikon - pro film scanners
Polaroid - pro
SecuGen Corporation - fingerprint scanners
WizCom - mobile scanners

› Sound Cards

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Aardvark - pro sound cards
Antex - pro sound cards
AudioScience - pro sound cards
Audiotrak - pro sound cards
Creative Labs
Digigram - pro sound cards & PCMCIA
Doctor Audio -- Midi & Digital Audio
Dragon Software - speech recognition, headsets, speech products
Echo Digital Audio - pro sound cards & recorders
ESI - pro sound cards
IBM Software - ViaVoice speech recognition
M-Audio - pro sound cards
SEK'D Products - pro sound cards
Turtle Beach - sound cards

› Storage - Memory - Backup

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Adaptec - high-performance SCSI & RAID
Addonics Technologies
ADIC - storage & backup
ADS Technologies - external USB drives
Advanced Rendering Technology - rendering drives
APDrives - Firewire & USB drives
D-Link Systems, Inc.
DataDirect Networks, Inc.
Ecrix - high-capacity backup
EZQuest - Firewire & USB drives
Fantom Drives - Firewire & USB drives
Glyph Technologies - FireWire & Fibre Channel drives
Imation (Travan)
Iomega Corporations - USB & Firewire + JAZ & ZIP
JEMS Data Unlimited Inc.
Keyspan - card readers
Koutech System Inc.
Maxtor Corporation
Micronet - storage arrays
Mitsumi - CD ROM drives
Plextor - CD-RW
Rorke Data
Storage Research - lots of product
Western Digital Corporation

› USB & IEEE 1394

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Adaptec - USB & IEEE 1394
Addonics Technologies - USB & IEEE 1394
ADS Technologies - USB & IEEE 1394
B&B Electronics - conversion to-from USB
Belkin - USB & IEEE 1394
Comtrol - USB & USB conversion
D-Link Systems, Inc. - USB
Digi International - USB
Keyspan - USB & IEEE 1394
Koutech System Inc. - USB & IEEE 1394
SIIG Inc. - USB & IEEE 1394 - USB & IEEE 1394

• Remote Control

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ByRemote - HIP keystroke driven application control program (freeware)
Cirque - Glidepoint touchpads
Griffin Technology - PowerMate USB programmable spinner & button
Gyration - wireless RF 'air' mouse
Interlink Electronics - RF computer control (includes OEM)
Keyspan - compact USB RF remote
L3 Systems - 2 & 4-button RF keystroke xmtr
L3 Systems - RS-232 & 485 to PC keyboard converter
Laserex - IR mouse + laser pointer
Mind Path Technologies - wireless presentation control
Netopia - Timbuktu Pro PC remote control software
Varatouch Technology - IR remotes (including credit card clicker)
Wireless Computing - RF Wireless Mice and Keyboards

• Systems

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Acer America
ASUSTeK Computer
BlackBerry - wireless handheld email appliance
CoolerGuys - parts to cool PC's
Dell Computers
End PC Noise - reduced noise PC's
Gateway 2000 USA
IBM Corporation
OQO - pocket PC with full-blown Windows XP
OQO - ultra-compact PC
Packard Bell
Silicon Graphics
Sun Microsystems

› Kiosk & Panel PC's

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Apunix - kiosk computers
Arista - LCD panel PC
DFI Technologies, Inc. - LCD panel PC
Digicom Int. - kiosk PC
Heisei - LCD panel PC - LCD panel PC
MediaBrick - kiosk PC with audio & video outputs
Micro Industries - kiosk PC
OQO - pocket PC with full-blown Windows XP
Touch Controls - LCD panel PC
Touch Dynamic, Inc. - LCD panel PC + kiosk PC

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